have you ever wanted to screw someone so bad that you feel like you were in pain?


"Radiator Sister" by The Mynabirds

she’s a radiator sister

of course, I’ll tell you what i mean:

her mind’s a nest of firecrackers

she needs to blow off some steam.

How does it make you feel?

I’m lonely today. All the coffee and smoking and cleaning and television today couldn’t make me feel any different. It’s like I talked to my family and friends today and flat, emotionless words came out. I’m lonely and no one will change that for me. I’m sitting in my room with text messages to answer. What I need is for someone to ask me what I need and then ask me,
How do you feel?
How does this make you feel?

don’t get to know your demons (draft)

don’t get to know your demons

I got to know mine

i climbed inside myself every night

and frolicked there

i invited those who met there to tea

and shook their hands gratefully


you will gorge yourself on pain

and feel high on the knowledge 

then you will want to move on

and spend your time elsewhere


but once i got to know mine

couldn’t put them out again.